Sunday, September 26, 2010

Online gaming can save our world?

MR. Rein's blog provided a look into virtual gaming in education. While watching the video of Jane Mcgonigal, it was obvious that many of the people were skeptical about some of the ideas she presented. Some of the ideas she presented ranged from collaboration, achievable success, and positive thinking. Using motivation such as feedback and challenges that can be met at each person's personal level, sounds very familiar to anyone that has been in an education class. While some of the justifications sounded stretched, they truly can work!


  1. Tyler,

    The introducation of educational video games in the classroom has many people talking. What are the effects on students' learning, skill development, motivation to learn, and peer acceptance. There are many factors to consider when incorporating these video games into the classroom.
    A study conducted by Ray and Coulter, 2010 (Perceptions of the value of digital mini-games: Implications for middle school classrooms)focused on how 18 preservice teachers perceived games to contribute to academic learning. Once these educators were exposed to digital mini-games, their attitudes and perceptions changed. I think more teacher training needs to be done so teachers understand how to incorporate educational video games into their classrooms.


  2. Tyler,

    My only question is how do they work? Thought you had some great points and I know educational gaming can be positive but what are some ideas about how to make it work? I just struggle with formulating my own ideas and would greatly appreciate someone else who is more knowledgeable in this area to help me!


  3. I too think that educational gaming is great. Students can be learning and having fun doing so. I know I am no expert on the matter. I would love to continue to learn more about it, which I'm sure I will in this class!

  4. I think that gaming could bring about the intrinsic motivation we all desparately seek to revive, create, instill in our students. However, I suspect that many educators are using gaming as an intrinsic tool.

  5. Tyler,

    What other information did you find interesting about gaming in education? I would like to know more and have a hard time tying education and gaming together. I did find the video interesting as well.


  6. Gaming is an important process that we have yet to use well in schools. We will begin studying (and playing) in Module 6. Have you heard of Alternate Reality Games like World Without Oil? Actually,it is described in McGonigal's TED video. You can also find out more about it at

  7. I have recently been more curious on this topic in dealing with how we can incorporate new ways of teaching. I think it is great to have students become more engaged in learning, and this is a great opportunity to get students more involved. My main concern is how do we eliminate possible distractions that might happen during certain activities/lessons?

  8. How long will students enjoy educational gaming? How will teachers keep students learning by using this method. How can you make sure that its not all for entertainment. That the focus remains on learning.