Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lincoln Elementary School Visit
After Visiting Lincoln Elementary, I was impressed at how well those young students used the technology they have been provided with. There were 3 major pieces that i found very interesting.
The first was their math programs. Students were building bridges using this program and were predicting how much weight their bridge could hold. They were likely at the 4th stage. They were using this project by themselves with little help from the teacher. The tutorials were also self led.
Each teacher had personal websites that students could use to make their own blog or share information with. Along with the blogs students had their own Google docs account which allowed them to share their information with other students in a variety of ways. This was also stage 4 because students were using the technology as part of their work.
The last piece was the video show that the students run. Students were able to create a news show that was shown every Wednesday for students across the school to see. This is also stage 4 and the teacher was likely there to guide students rather than direct. To make most of these projects go up a level, students would have to have multiple choices to show their work, and decide to use these by themselves.

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