Monday, November 30, 2009

an Apple a day....

When you leave your home for class or work, you are likely to see many people with an Ipod Touch. The Ipod was originally a neat mp3 player that has slowly become a hand held computer. The Ipod Touch can now be seen as a vital tool in many people's lives. Such a small portable device, can easily become a distraction in the classroom, but also can become a very powerful tool. It is obvious that students love technology. The Ipod Touch has many applications, some that can be used in an educational manner, and even some made to be educational. These applications can be spanish tutors, to maps and calculators. Rather than trying to fight against these gadgets, it is much more wise to see how they can be used within an educational setting. Technology is often seen as an enemy of education, but when embraced, gadgets like the Ipod Touch can become powerful tools that not only capture the student's attention, but also help them learn. Below is a video clip found on youtube showing how the Ipod Touch can be used as a tool in the classroom.

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  1. The question IS how can a handheld computing device like this iPod touch change your thinking process? How can it change schooling? How can it change the world?